EVENT : Healing Conference Andalucía 2019

Healing Conference Andalucia, 2019

Alhama de Granada, 17-23 juli 2019

“Women from all continents, from all countries, from all religions and beliefs, women of all colours and all ages, it is up to you to take the lead in this time of darkness and change. You have to take the men by the hand and lead them to the divine feminine, to initiate them into their true manhood so they can be guardians of life on earth. Not fighting each other, not battling for land, for truth or gods. It takes this covenant of women from all over the planet to acknowledge their own power, to acknowledge a new generation of women leaders. Not against men, but together with them. It’s now your task to show how we can connect with mother earth and preserve nature and civilization by embracing all. There are many forces of division that want to set you up against each other but you as women know more than ever that it’s only in connection, in togetherness that you will survive, not in fighting each other. So be brave be strong, be trustful of your path and know that in this bond you make, you will find the power you need and the fulfilment of your own journey, your own spiritual path.
This is me, Mary Magdalene, speaking to all women of the earth.”

Mary Magdalene symbolizes the Western tradition for the hidden and forgotten female. The aspect that has been maligned for centuries in the church and in society, but now takes its place with renewed vigor. What do we learn from her? How does she manifest in Spain? How can we integrate the feminine aspect into our lives?

Go on an - inner and outer - search for the Hidden Mystery ...

In the purity and unspoilt nature of a particularly beautiful estate, in Alhama de Granada, halfway Malaga and Granada, we stay for a week to discover our own quest in peace. In this week we let light and shadow dance together into one whole. In the context of the Open Space (*) a form that gives space to the creation of what may become visible and connects with what occupies you. The Open Space gives you the opportunity to expect the unexpected, from the inspiration of yourself, of the group, of the moment. This week came about from a deep connection and gratitude for Mary Magdalene, to honor her the gathering takes place during the week where her feast day comes in, July 22nd.

Ton van der Kroon, Anne Wislez, Tineke Weymiens and Christiaan Steeno.
Ton, www.tonvanderkroon.com, has accompanied many groups at many power spots in the world, as well as several Mary Magdalen festivals in the south of France. Anne has been fascinated throughout her life by feminine and balancing yin and yang, www.smell-the-roses.be.
Tineke and Christiaan, lovers of pure life, have also done many energetic journeys and live at a power station in Nieuwrode, Belgium, where they receive people, accompany them and where workshops go on. Tineke website: www.o-pening.be.

Mari and Rik open their Cortijo 'Vista Infinita' for our company. As Flemings fully integrated into Spanish culture, their hospitality is revealing and heart-warming. With great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, they take care of sleeping, eating and drinking for their guests. The accommodation is located about 10 kilometers from the center of Alhama de Granada, Andalusia. More info: www.cortijovistainfinita.be.

start: Wednesday, July 17, 2019, 6 pm
end: Tuesday 23 July 2019, 12 noon
All participants will leave on Tuesday 23 July.
You can, however, arrive on Tuesday, July 16, extra charge 60 €, for overnight and food.

1150 € p / p. including accommodation, in luxury tents, use of the pool, all meals and water / coffee / tea
Exclusive: travel back and forth, possible trips.
Early booking discount for 1 May 2019, 50 €
If you prefer to pay in installments over several months, contact Tineke, + 32-473-78 15 40

For transfer from Malaga airport to Alhama de Granada and Cortijo Vista Infinita,
contact Christiaan Steeno, + 32-475-280 230, chrissteeno@hotmail.com

Sign up by mail at Tineke, martine.weymiens@telenet.be
More info, logistics, Christiaan Steeno + 32-475-280 230
More info, substantive, Tineke Weymiens + 32-473-78 15 40
You confirm your participation by depositing an advance of € 400.
The full or remaining participation fee must be deposited before 16 June 2019.
This on account number of DragonHill: BE36 7310 4040 1481, BIC KREDBEBB

If no advance payment has been made, you are not registered.
You can cancel until June 16, 2019, until then you will receive your deposited amount.
If you cancel after June 16, 2019, we will not refund the advance.
For late decision-makers, registration is possible after 16 June 2019 after personal contact with the organizers and after immediate payment of the participation fee.

1. All participants are present from beginning till end. You can only participate for the whole festival. The festival starts with the opening ceremony on the first night, and ends on the last morning with a closing ceremony.
2. We stay with two or three people in a tent. Please inform us if you want to share your tent with someone special. You can also bring your own tent, please inform us in advance.
3. If you have any specific dietary needs, make sure you organise this yourself.
4. As for the context and content of this week, personal healing, there are no children allowed.
5. No drugs of any sort are permitted, and we like you to limit alcohol, coffee and meat.
6. Your participation is at your own responsibility. Of course we will do anything possible to make your stay as safe and comfortable as possible, but we can't take any responsability for your safety, nor for your emotional, physical or financial well being.
7. Make sure you have a valid travel insurance.
8. We are guests in another country, another culture and maybe for some of us another religion. Please respect the local customs, rules, dresscode and formalities.

The main intention for our work is our own personal healing. We like your preparation and devotion to this work by tuning in the months and weeks before, by asking a few questions to yourself: What is my intention? What do I want to achieve? What is my pitfall or my shadow? How can I prepare myself? We work with the principles of Open Space, which means we create the program together on the spot. The Open Space principles are:

1. The people who are there, are the right people
2. Whatever happens, is the right thing to happen
3. When it begins, it begins
4. When it is over, it is over
5. Follow the Law of Two Feet
6. Expect the unexpected

Illustratie: Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida, Patio de los Arrayanes

EVENT : Healing Conference Andalucía 2019

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