EVENEMENT : Healing Conference Andalucía 2020

Connecting to the spirits of the land

In 2016 we heard the call of Mary Magdalene to organise a annual Healing Conference in Andalucia on her saint’s day (22nd of July), as a way to truely reveal the new feminine powers in women, in men, in the earth, so as to create a new world. The energy of Mary Magdalene, symbol of the feminine christ awakening in the western tradition, represents a deep and sacral feminine power that is needed in these times of change. It is felt on Spanish soil e.g. in the knowledge of the Essene traditions that left their marks in many Andalucian cities, and in the Gypsies that kept an old feminine knowledge alive. But it is – so we discovered – also very much linked with a darker episode in the history of Spain: the conquering of the indian tribes in South America, and the distruction of their wisdom.

The 4 earlier episodes of the Healing Conference Andalucia have moved us through deep layers of historical energies that needed to be seen, lived and healed. This year is opening a new layer of information that is being revealed to us:

“I am White Buffalo Calf Woman of Turtle Island, of the tribe of the Sioux. I represent the Rainbow Nations. Like you we went through a time of ordeal and challenge. We had to restore our faith in the Great Spirit. It wasn’t easy, since we were mostly wiped out but our wisdom and our connection to Great Spirit is coming back. Our reverence to Mother Earth is returning throughout all humanity. This time the Warriors of the Rainbow are awakening in all races, in all religions."

MORE INFO: http://tonvanderkroon.com/project-view/mariamagdalenafestival/

EVENEMENT : Healing Conference Andalucía 2020

EVENEMENT : Healing Conference Andalucía 2019

Healing Conference Andalucia, 2019 THE CALL OF MARY MAGDALENE

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Wij werken samen met onze vrienden Maike & Wolfgang, gepecialiseerd in het organiseren van routes te paard.

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EVENEMENT : 3e Maria Magdalena Festival Andalusië 2018

Ton Van der Kroon organiseert het 3e Maria Magdalena Festival Andalusië, 17-23 juli 2018. In samenwerking met Tineke Weymiens en Christiaan Steeno.

17 juli 2018

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EVENEMENT : Yoga Lu Jong / meditatie / energetisch werk / vakantie in Andalusië

LU Jong / meditatie / energetisch werk / vakantie in Andalusië. Organisatie door Great White Whale Center

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EVENEMENT : Semana Santa in Alhama de Granada 2018

Programma Semana Santa 2018 in Alhama de Granada

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EVENEMENT : Carnaval Alhama de Granada 2018.

Carnaval Alhama de Granada 2018.

11 februari 2018

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6de Feria Agroganadera : 2 dagen activiteiten rond plaatselijke landbouw en veeteelt.

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Feria de San Juan, het begin van een feestelijke zomerperiode.

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EVENEMENT : Maria Magdalena Festival

Enter a magical world ....... MARIA MAGDALENA FESTIVAL 17 - 23 juli, Andalusië www.tonvanderkroon.com

7 juli 2017

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EVENEMENT : In de voetsporen van Maria Magdalena

21 mei 2017

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Evenement : Carnaval Alhama de Granada 2017


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